Friends Talk Frasier and Feelings

Two best Friends Talia Tabin and Victoria Longwell recap an episode of Frasier and talk about the feelings it brings up, and then just more feelings in general. Part episode recap, part mental health sharing and appreciation.

Talia and Victoria welcome Dan Lippert and Ryan Rosenberg to discuss "Agents in America, Part III".

Talia and Victoria near the end of Season 2, chatting about "An Affair to Forget" and discussing intrusive thoughts and changing views on infidelity.

Talia and Victoria discuss "Breaking the Ice" and chat about the weight of saying, "I love you."

Returning guest, Oscar Montoya, stops by to discuss "Someone to Watch Over Me", losing characters from the reboot, stalker experiences, celebrity culture and the wonderful talent (and chin) of David Hyde Pierce.

Kale Hills joins Talia and Victoria to discuss "The Club" and, believe it or not, improv comedy.

Talia and Victoria take a break from Season 2 to check in, catch up and discuss the holidays.

Talia and Victoria discuss S2E17, "Daphne's Room," and chat about unmet expectations, Talia's sleepy contradictions, watching TV in bed and celebrating birthdays.

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Talia and Victoria (fresh off a bowl of canned chili) discuss the second Cheers crossover episode, "The One Where Sam Shows Up," and draft TV characters into their fantasy sitcoms.

Talia and Victoria recap "You Scratch My Book..." and chat about taking on your partner's interests and the dangers of being attracted to talent.

Leave us a voicemail: (323) 577-9044‬

The wonderful Tim Blane stops by the show to discuss "Fool Me Once, Shame on You, Fool Me Twice..." and chat about composing the show's theme song, being new to therapy, holding yourself accountable and the various forms of self care.

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